Mikael Doverhag

Software Developer

I work as a software developer, based out of Bundaberg, Australia. For most of my career I've been writing crew planning software for commercial aviation enterprises. However, I always enjoyed how accessible web-based applications could be if done right, so in recent years I made a switch to work mostly on web portals and integrating them with other web services for my own clients on a freelance basis.

Currently I'm thinking a lot about how Small to Medium Enterprise Businesses can best leverage web, mobile and the cloud to improve their operations. If you're a software consultant, business owner or otherwise just have an interest in the topic, send me a message.

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Web Applications

There's nothing wrong with Excel for prototyping or trying different models with your data, but it can be quite limiting long-term. Driving automation of your most common manual tasks with a web portal could help improve your operational efficiency, the quality of your data or let customer manage their own accounts.

Mobile Apps

The only real alternative for products targeting a consumer or a mobile work-force. I'll be happy to look at creating and publishing an app on both the App Store and on Google Play.

Data Integrations

Make sure all the third-party services that you love have the latest version of your data.

Your Operations in the Cloud

Automated and documented processes are crucial to success in managing and securing your cloud infrastructure. We'll get going with my base server stack on AWS using best-practices within 30 minutes.


Give me a phone call on: +61 412 400 243

Send an email to: mikael@doverhag.dev

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